A Prayer Intensive For Married Couples by Leona Carter

A Prayer Intensive For Married Couples

Join a 4-week prayer intensive, praying for increased intimacy in marriages. Prayer will be hosted live virtually, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pray with me and other women for the health and transformation of our marriages. As a Kingdom Entrepreneur and Business Coach, one of the ways I am called to serve married women is through prayer and covering for women to increase intimacy in their marriage.

Areas we will be praying for:


Loss of Children

Mental Health

Erectile Dysfunctions


Past Sexual Trauma

Health Issues



Hormone Imbalances


Financial Hardships


Sexual Insecurity

Intimacy Anorexia

Low Self Esteem

Performance Anxiety

Sexual boredom

And More...

This prayer intensive is not for everyone.

But if you understand that marriage is a spiritual covenant and the greatest transformation we will have in our marriage is from the covenant creator himself, God, then welcome to the next level in your marriage. This intensive could be the wake up call that your marriage needs. In the world that we are living in, marriages are under attack. This fight is not flesh and blood but a spiritual fight. A prayer intensive arms us with the tools we need to fight together and win. I am excited to have you. Let's fight for our marriages together.

Empowering women with tools to build their business and their bedrooms, intentionally.

Leona Carter is a global champion and passionate about empowering women to build intimacy with their husbands, and empowering new and emerging speakers to monetize their message by booking speaking engagements. Leona is an International Empowerment Speaker, Best-selling Author, Business Coach and Talk Show Host. Leona's vibrancy and energetic personality sets her apart from the normalcy of entrepreneurship, blazing a trail everywhere she goes. "Whoop Whoop!"